Handmade Wooden/bamboo hairpin

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Handmade Wooden/Bamboo Hairpin featuring a finely crafted floral design.

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Handmade Wooden/Bamboo Hairpin

Handmade Wooden/Bamboo Hairpin featuring a finely crafted floral design. This eco-friendly accessory not only adds beauty to your hair but also showcases exclusive craftsmanship. Made of flexible and lightweight bamboo, these vintage hairpins from Ethica Handicrafts are both stylish and sustainable.


Each hairpin comes with a removable bamboo stick, allowing for a tight and secure hold, perfect for various hairstyles like braids and messy buns. Handcrafted by our incredible crafts artists, these hairpins exude natural elegance and are a wonderful gift for girls and ladies who appreciate earthy charm.


Experience the durability of this 100% natural product, meticulously crafted from bamboo strips. Whether you’re looking for a trendy hair accessory or a practical solution for tying your hair beautifully, our Handmade Wooden/Bamboo Hairpin with its sleek stick ensures effective binding without tangling, adding a touch of rustic sophistication to your everyday look.


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