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Return Policy : Return & Replacement  Policy Offer 5days  Return& Replacement Policy .It means if a customer ( a customer who Buy a product or service form our official website ( . which means you have 5days Form Delivery Date rise issue to us to Return &Replacement . 

Under condition – 

  1. You ( a Consumer) Can”t Returned A Product/Parcel  Without raised Any Right Issue . (Like, Expairy Date, Worng Product,Damage Products ) . If Any Issue Has, Then you Can Replacement That products or Parcel . 
  2. You Must be buy form that product form our official website Located At . 
  3. Before buy a product  Contact us for product quries , know your products details . Then , oder products . Otherwise , We cant Replace .
  4. That  products or service to be  exchanged must be unused & in their original condition with all original labels . 
  5.  That Product should not be broken or tampered with.
  6. Before  Replacement you must be contact our with logistic team , Otherwise,
  7. you can self send those products to our official address by Indian postal service . after , Dispatch you must be send us postal Receive token with clear tracking id .  
  8. Before , Any Return or Replacement you must be contact us . otherwise , your Return &Replacement are not successfull for Refund . 
  9. Any Gift card or Copoun card are not Elligible for Return or Replacement . 
  10. Return & Replacement are not elligible for seeds & flower & Nursery Tree . 
  11. Product not Return & Replacement are not elligible if products seal are broken or slip are not clearly vission in liflet .
  12. Before Return & Replacement you must Contact Us . otherwise , your Return & Replacement are not elligible for rise refund . 
Partial Cash on Delivery

Partial Cash on delivery on every purchase in Fortkart india . 

=> Fortkart Partial Cash on delivery are 10% Advance are Refundable if 1) a customer order wrong  or mistakely .

2)if, a customer want refund . 

3) customer must be contact in 1-3hour after payment .  

=> Partial Cash on delivery are 10% Advance on Oder Days . Rest , 90% Payment on delivery Days .

=>Partial Cash on delivery are refundable * (Before Product Dispatch) . Terms&Condition Apply. 

=>Partial Cash on delivery Apply Only for prevent Fake Cash On Delivery Oder.

=> More Details Contact Us .

Refund Policy

If your Products elligibale for Return & Replacement  with must be follow above All condition Then we will  ( Refund You within 7 working days . and must be follow under conditions :

  1. We cant Refund for Replacement . 
  2. When your send Money for products with Proof (screen Shot)our official address if products Not in Stock then we will confirm your Refund amount in 1days your bank account or that payment gateway in which gateway you get payment us . example , if you payment us by using UPI app we will Refund you by using UPI app . so on…so on..
  3. if your send products are missing liflet , used once time or broken seal Then we not Refund you . 
  4. If your refund will late then you contact us for inform us . 
  5. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. 
  6.  The product is not different from what was shipped to you .
  7. Customer must take an unboxing video. 
  8. for all Refund you must be contact us . 
Cancellation Policy cancellation policy when a customer elligible for cancellation  their oder cancel . a customer cancel an oder under condition :

  1. oder cancel must be contact us otherwise we not refund for your oder amount . 
  2. you must be cancel form your website account . 
  3. you must be cancel process which product are elligible for cancellation process which discuss above . 
For all sucsessful Return,Refund & cancellation you must be Contact us and discuss us at call us or mail 
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